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Ajay Chakravarthy

     Ajay Chakravarthy was born and raised in a Christian home; God convinced him during high school that without God's mercy, he was a sinner destined for judgment and eternal hell; he repented his sins and trusted Jesus Christ and His redemptive work on the cross.


     As he grew in faith, he became aware of the contrast between God's love and worldly love. It was starkly visible in one incident. His father had liver cancer. During his last days, he noticed that people are selfish, and God shows unconditional love. As a result, his wife, Annie Arpitha, and he decided to use their gifts for God's Glory and His Kingdom. They started thinking deeply about God and reading His word regularly to grow in Him. Besides, the Lord convinced them that He alone is worthy of all our affection, praise, and adoration.


     In this process, the Lord led them to Grace Life Church. They found that their pastor Daniel Surya Avula is a Master's Seminary graduate who has faithfully shepherded the flock. After sitting under his preaching, the Lord confirmed that expository preaching is the only preaching that exalts God, saves sinners, and edifies the congregation. The church is committed to training men and planting more faithful churches. It requires a seminary and trained faculty. After observing Ajay’s service to the church, elders encouraged him and enrolled him in MA (Biblical Studies) at The Master's University, USA. Ajay is serving the church as a youth pastor. He loves "The Righteousness of God," a book by pastor Daniel Surya Avula.

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