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Anney Chakravarthy

     Anney Arpitha Chakravarthy was born into a Christian family. Understanding that all humans are sinners and that only through faith in Jesus is their salvation, she accepted Jesus as her saviour during high school. While undergoing some dire circumstances in her family, she noticed that people are selfish and that only God shows unconditional love. She used to work for Google as a Program Associate. After she met Ajay Chakravarthy, now her husband, they decided to use their gifts for God's Glory and His Kingdom, and she left her job. They started thinking deeply about God and reading His word regularly to grow in Him. Besides, the Lord convinced them that He alone is worthy of all our affection, praise, and adoration.
      In this process, the Lord led them to Grace Life Church. They found that their pastor Daniel Surya Avula faithfully shepherded the flock. After sitting under his preaching, the Lord confirmed that expository preaching is the only preaching that exalts God, saves sinners, and edifies the congregation. They found that the church is committed to training men and planting more faithful churches. They loved the vision and joyfully became a part of it.


      Anney serves youth ministry with her husband, Ajay. She also works as a Program Facilitator for an NGO that assists the underprivileged in setting up small-scale businesses. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU, Kakinada, and is married to Ajay Chakravarthy.

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