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Benjamin Nokku

Benjamin Nokku was born in Samalakot, Andhra Pradesh in 1977 to unbelieving parents. He first heard about Christ in 1993 through a friend with whom he had attended a gospel meeting. He gave his life to Christ on that day.

He worked at the National Petroleum Construction Company under the United Arab Emirates government from 2008 - 2013. It is here that he got strengthened spiritually and he felt a zeal towards ministry. Thus he left the UAE in 2013 and came to Kakinada to be with his family, He taught as a school teacher here for four years.

He moved to Visakhapatnam in 2017 to learn the Word of God. He oversees the Facilities department at Grace Life Church, Vizag. 

He is married to Saroja and they have a son, Issac Raj, and a Daughter, Vijayamritha.

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