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Jhancy Rani Avula

Jhancy Rani Avula is the wife of our pastor. She is actively serving the Lord in both Children’s and Women’s ministries. She grew up not knowing the the true God. But in His mercy and abundant love, He opened the eyes of her heart to see the truth (1 Thessalonians 1:9–10) and saved her during her high school years. She turned to God and devoted her life to Jesus Christ. She is passionate about serving the people of the living and true God.

She completed a one year Discipleship Counseling course at Logos Institute, a ministry of Grace Community Church, Los Angeles. She also attended the Seminary Wives Discipleship program, which unites the wives of The Master’s Seminary students with the wives of TMS faculty, and of Grace Community Church pastors and elders, for four years, where she was trained about devotion to God, her husband and family through study and obedience to God’s word. She was also equipped with materials, resources, and practical aspects of training for effectively serving the Lord alongside her husband in various church ministries. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce.

She is married to Daniel Surya Avula and they have two boys, Prabhu and Joseph.

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