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Ramana Naidu

     Ramana Naidu serves the church as a deacon. He heard the gospel through his friend. He believed Jesus Christ was the true God and accepted Him as his saviour in 2002. He visited many churches and found pulpits filled with health, wealth, and prosperity preaching. In addition, he discovered that the preachers weren’t interested in preaching the true and living word of God, and they always resorted to stories from people’s experiences. 


    In 2019, brothers from Grace Life Church invited him to this church. Since then, he has been attending church and growing spiritually under expository preaching. He is not ashamed of the gospel and preaches it to others, encouraging them to give their life to Jesus Christ. He is also instrumental in leading many people to this church.  


     Ramana Naidu is a businessman. He is married to Satya, and they have two children.

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