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Rini Jessie

     Rini Jessie was blessed to grow up in a strong Christian family where the Lord was a central part of their lives. Understanding her need for the forgiveness of her sins, she accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour at sixteen. She grew up in Christian schools and colleges, where her faith was strengthened through fellowship with other believers, mission trips, and local ministries. Throughout her life, God has taught her to trust Him in His perfect timing and plans. While studying at Andhra University, she met Sandeep Netti, who became a believer and husband. They met Pastor Daniel Surya Avula in December 2020 and have been active members of Grace Life Church. She has always had the teacher gene inside of her, passed down by her mother and grandmother, and she has been thankful for the opportunities God has given her to serve - in Sunday school ministry as a teacher at Grace Life Church, as a daughter, and as a wife and mother. Besides, the Lord blessed her with two children, Risan Eric and Sarin Richard. She believes God has guided her on this path and desires to serve the church faithfully.

    Rini Jessie was born and raised in Visakhapatnam to a devout family serving God for four generations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration from Andhra University. In addition, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in education. She is an HR in a software company.

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